Vrika beach

Vrika is the northernmost beach of Antipaxos island, and the amazing striking blue color its water is due to the soft white sand. The sea is shallow around the shore and suitable for children, too. Vrika has two tavernas which provide fresh food, sunbeds and umbrellas. Behind the tavernas there is a footpath which leads to Voutoumi beach in 25-30 minutes.

Paxos natural beauties

Some of the spectacular natural scenery you can visit by boat, by car of through the amazing footpath network. Ask our local guides for directions.

The amazing passage between Mongonisi and Kaltsonisi

Located on the south part of Paxos island, this spectacular spot can be visited only by boat.

Ortholithos rock

You’ll get your biggest surprise at Ortholithos. As its name implies, it’s an enormous rock in the shape of one of Obelix’s menhirs that rises straight out of the water.